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10% off for

Military + First Responders*

Affordable Container Dwelling Builder

A Veteran-Founded, Woman-Owned,


Container Dwelling Builder.

Greater Cincinnati Container Dwelling Builder

House in a Box LLC has a novel idea: save people money on the build of their home or business so more can experience the American Dream!

House in a Box, LLC Ohio Container Home Builder / Tiny Home Builder

Option 1 is for the Do-It-Yourself Customer! Our team gets the container(s) delivered to your site then frames the walls & floors & ceiling, runs the electric & plumbing, then carefully stuffs the container with everything else for you to install! Countertops, fixtures, flooring, switch plates, trim, screws, and of course the kitchen sink!

BUT WHY?! Because we know labor is an expensive part of a construction project. And this will save you money while offering the amazing adventure of building out your own container home / office / studio / restaurant / he shed / she shed!

Option 2 is for the I'll-Pay-To-Have-It-Done-For-Me Customer!  Our prices are still low and feedback is "You've both been 100% more helpful than anyone else I've talked to!" Our crew will handle all interior installation (and any contracted exterior work) at your site. We'll pull permits, oversee inspections, and manage the full project!

With House in a Box, you get complete confidence in your investment. From premium building materials to appropriate sized appliances, we don't cut corners when it comes to quality. House in a Box has simplified the building process for you from start to finish.

Ready to embark on an adventure that saves you money while serving up a great adventure?! Ready to secure your American Dream? Join the House in a Box family. Our container dwellings are more than just houses or offices or studio spaces; they are an embodiment of modern comfort, sustainability, and affordability. Get ready to step into a container that exceeds your expectations and transforms the way you live!

USA Flag

Our Mission

Build a Better America,

One Container at a Time

The dream began decades ago when CEO Sandra served in the United States Air Force as a Jet Engine Mechanic. A desire to protect our nation, Sandra enlisted to serve her fellow Americans. At the core of her convictions was a strong belief in the American Dream and that through sweat and hard work, this dream could be realized.


Decades after Sandra’s honorable discharge, the American Dream seems out of reach. One of the core tenants of the Dream is home ownership, entrepreneurship and the pursuit of happiness. As inflation skyrockets and prices soar, the financial pinch has squeezed hard working Americans and pushed their dream of home ownership and side hustleship beyond grasp.


Could a company be created that helps Americans flip the current script?

Do office spaces really need to be leased from a property manager?

Do we need to be striving for oversized homes that we can't afford to furnish, have no time to enjoy, and struggle to maintain?

Could a company encourage people to pursue a simpler way of living or working?

It’s in this tension that House in a Box was born. 

We are a small, family-owned business born and raised in Greater Cincinnati. We've experienced both the disappointment of a goal being out of reach but also the reward of hard work. We've lived tiny. We've built homes. We've built families. We've chased dreams. Now we want to add you to the House in a Box family - come seek your American Dream with us!

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

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10% Veteran &
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